One Woman • One Garden • One Dream

– Self-sufficiency and the urban kitchen gardener –

A century and a half ago, a single road connected the townships of Hobart and Launceston on the island of Tasmania. As the main route connecting the north and south of the island, the road was an important and well-used thoroughfare. The colonial government decided to raise a tax on every man and cart who used the road, and to this end they built a lovely little gothic toll house a few miles out of Hobart to collect the toll. The toll gate had a toll keeper, and he was a senior customs officer. A five minute walk down the hill from the toll gate sat the toll keeper’s house, isolated in the fields and hedgerows of the countryside above Cornelian Bay.

The house was Nonsuch.

I came to Nonsuch in 2005. I came to garden, and I came to fulfill a dream.

This is my story.

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A page on the 2009-2010 renovation of the kitchen.

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