Before Sara moved to Nonsuch in Tasmania in 2005, she lived from 1997 to 2004 in a beautiful heritage house in Bendigo called Ashcotte.


Foxgloves have to be among my favourite flowers … and this year they have done spectacularly.


Looking back towards the pergola (hidden under the mounds of wisteria) and the fish pond. That’s Luther the Black-Hearted Menace to the left, and one newly dug out flower bed in the back mid-ground. The grassy bulbs under the weeping cherry are Monbretta (or Monbrettia??)


This is the kitchen window of a gardener! There’s my trusty spade, and the fork with its wobbly tines. The resolution on this camera was so astounding that, if I’d put this up at full size, you could read the papers lying on my kitchen table. Also note the gas lines and power cables webbing the walls – no internal wiring or plumbing in a Victorian house!


Again, at full resolution, this is the most astounding pic – now the wallpaper on my computer! This three-naked-ladies-bathing bird bath/cum fruit bowl (depending on necessity) was one of the first things I bought here in Bendigo. Here is is, under the apple tree, the girls still bathing and chatting after eleven years, surrounded by Astilbe just coming into flower and some Granny’s Bonnet (past flowering but still looking gorgeous) in the background, and with one of Australia’s huge bugs in the lower left corner … dammit, no matter how hard I spray these things just keep getting bigger …


And, finally, the gate, all hung. This is the back view of it.

As an idea of size, the pillars are 6 foot high.