So you’d like to grow your own food garden?

Have no idea where to start?

No problems. I’d like to show you how to do it yourself in a series of articles. This list of articles will grow, along with your garden, so keep coming back for more. The list below, in a sort of practical order, will give you an idea of what is to come.

1. How to Start your Kitchen Garden.

2. Know your Climate.

3. What to Plant, and When.

4. What tools do I need?

5. Organic Gardening? Or can I be Politically Incorrect?

6. Should I Grow from Seeds, or Buy in Seedlings?

7. Where do I Get My Seeds? Heirloom Seeds? Or Genetically Modified to Glow in the Dark Seeds?

8. There is Something Eating My Plants … and I don’t know what it is …

9. Crop Rotation (I would dearly love to call this crop circles …) and why you should do it.

10. The Perennial Garden – the fruits and vegetables that keep on giving.

11. Pruning and Weeding – why Cruelty is your best personality trait.

12. Striking Your Plants (no, really, this isn’t related to the topic above).

13. Compost, and All That Rot.

14. Garden Cheating – growing what you shouldn’t be able to, when you shouldn’t be able to.

15. Some Hints From the Past – both the medieval peasant and the Victorian head gardener, and all inbetween, are going to step into your garden, and give you some ideas.

17. Those Improbable, Dazzling, Garden Tips. (Or what to do with your toilet rolls in your garden.)