There are three distinct gardens at Nonsuch. At the front of the house is the bog garden – this is the main ornamental garden. To the eastern side of the house is the kitchen garden, then beyond that is a largish triangular piece of land that I call the woodland, even if it mainly contains treeferns.

Both the bog garden and the woodland have gone to wrack and ruin while I have been ill, so for the moment I will concentrate on the kitchen garden.

This is a reasonably pretty plan of the kitchen garden, which mostly lays to the immediate east of the house, facing north (the best aspect for the southern hemisphere).

Here is a planting plan for the coming food growing season (2009-2010). It was once reasonably accurate. 😉 Then I found a few more seed catalogues … This plan also does not show the fig or quince trees that have been planted/are due to be planted.

2005 survey of original garden preparatory to landscaping.

Below is a picture taken in the bog garden about 2 years ago – it will do for a picture of the gardens until I get the photograph page up and running.

One of the later landscaping plans 2005 – this shows some extension to the house which were never done.