Relaying the sandstone paths at Nonsuch.

Relaying the sandstone paths at Nonsuch.

The process of landscaping, re-planting and recreating the neglected garden of an old house is one fraught with difficult decisions. Gardening can be hard at the best of times, but when you want to return an old garden to its original state, then your path can be difficult indeed.

This section of this web site gives you some idea of what you can expect – some of the decisions, the difficulties, and the sheer joy of finally seeing a garden restored, even if it isn’t quite to how it once was.

We’ll be using our own experiences at the nineteenth-century garden of Nonsuch in Tasmania – a recreation of an English garden in an Australian landscape – one of the never-ending contradictions of returning a garden to something approaching its original state.

For a personal chronicle and photographs of our Nonsuch experience, please visit the Nonsuch page. (Editors note: this was first chronicled by Sara on the Victorian Flower Garden website but as her interest in sustainable living increased, the garden changed purpose and became the Nonsuch Kitchen Garden)


Visionary reflections LINK TO BE ADDED, or, why it is impossible to completely restore any garden to what it once was (and don’t believe any one who has told you they have done it!).

Researching your garden’s history. LINK TO BE ADDED

What style to pick for your garden. LINK TO BE ADDED This is either going to be very easy, or one of your more difficult decisions.

Building the garden paths. LINK TO BE ADDED

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