\The Barogue, Georgian and Victorian Garden

  • London’s Tea Gardens LINK TO BE ADDED during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries by William B Boulton. A long essay on the uses of the many and varied pleasure gardens of London: much sex, tea and music and a touch of scandal among the shaded walks and shrubberies.
  • The Great Estate Park Gardens LINK TO BE ADDED of the eighteenth century. An article by L Robyn O’Hara.
  • A brief description of London’s Market Gardens LINK TO BE ADDED in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
  • Heated Walls in fruit gardens of the early nineteenth century
  • Crop rotations in the market gardens of eighteenth and nineteenth century Middlesex.
  • A brief description of dairy farming about London c. 1800
  • Fruit gardening in the 18th century, including information on walled fruit and espaliered fruit.
  • Manures, Composts and Fertilizers LINK TO BE ADDED  in use in the Early Nineteenth-century Garden.
  • A description of Buckingham House gardens in the early 1700s (now Buckingham Palace).
  • Preserving Garden produce LINK TO BE ADDED  (as relating to the 18th and 19th centuries)
  • See also the Maze Garden LINK TO BE ADDED 
  • Some brief words about Sir Hans Sloane and the Chelsea Physic Garden from 1871 LINK TO BE ADDED 
  • An article on the growth of the Royal Horticultural Society LINK TO BE ADDED 

Contemporary Views of Baroque Gardens:

  • Views of eighteenth-century English gardens from contemporary sources. LINK TO BE ADDED