It has been a long time since I’ve added an entry, and that’s because I have been, and still am, very ill. The cancer returned with a vengeance, ‘lots and lots!’ of metastases the doc said and I didn’t ask him to count them out for me.

I’ve been undergoing (yet more *sigh*) chemo with little effect as yet.

I have been exhausted, hardly able to get my head off the pillow. But while the cleaner is in the bedroom vacuuming I decided to ‘dash’ (LOL) out here to give everyone a quick update.

Thank you to everyone for their thoughts, I truly appreciate them.

I have some amazing friends looking after me – many thanks to Karen and Stephen, and Joy and Michaela. Their help and love has been unbelievable. Thank you all, so much.

As I can I’ll get back to update you. Love to all.