I woke yesterday morning to a glorious day and the sound of the dill screaming.

The herbs, patiently nurtured along in their pots in the greenhouse, wanted to go into their herb garden.

So yesterday was spent planting. It is a fantastic feeling, sinking all these seedlings into the ground or their permanent pots. Suddenly spring is reallyhere. I planted out the dill, the marjoram and the oregano. I planted out the ruby silverbeet and put all the asters into their big display pots. Red empress nasturtium went into the herb garden and lime geranium into a spot in the big bed which will soon house all the potted artichokes.

The elderberry is about to flower, so I am readying my wine-making equipment.

Today – the tomatoes? Traditionally tomatoes are planted on the fourth Thursday in October in Hobart, but I wonder if I can risk them a bit early. The forecast for the next week looks good ….

Meanwhile, in the rest of the garden …..

The greenhouse with all its baby charges.

The clematis on the veranda is beginning to flower. :)

As is the camellia.

While the chocolate vine in the woodland has made a bid to take over the walnut.

The jasmine is out and I can smell it all through the eastern garden. :)

A closeup of one of the tiny flowers of the chocolate vine.

Overall the garden is in good shape and I am happy. :)