By produce. This is the basket of capsicums I just hauled in. Four bushes, none taller than 18 inches high, and they deliver such a bounty. I don’t know whether to freeze or bottle … need to check my books. This weekend I have mashed and frozen a huge pumpkin, a hundredweight of potato (so it felt to me) and made a massive batch of tuna mornay to put away in the freezer. My little chest freezer – my vegetable freezer – is officially making statements to the world in general about how full it is. The garden has done me so proud this harvest season, when I have not been kind to it at all.

So I am too tired to add recipes today, sorry. 🙁 But I do promise recipes for the best fruit cake in the world, tomato passata (verrry useful!), haw sauce and oh, whatever else I have been making, too.