It is close enough to be being finished to pop up some photos. You will note in the following that I have carefully not shown the fireplace which still needs work. ;)Hopefully I will get up some recipes tomorrow.

Click on all photos for larger ones.

Here is the main work area. I love the lighting. *Sigh* This is truly my dream kitchen.


The sink wall. So much bench space!


My pot rack for which I have been waiting MONTHS. Excellent storage and use of an empty area. I hope it doesn’t fall down as I have so much weighty stuff hanging there!


The back window area – again, more bench space and storage space I never had. That pumpkin needs to be processed today.


My pantry!!! The absolute best thing!!! I finally have a doorway into the pantry from the kitchen instead of having to traipse out into the back servants’ hallway.


Inside the pantry – so much storage! This is just one half, there is an identical half extending to the left.


I keep talking about the servants’ back hallway. The house is clearly divided into gentleman’s house and servants house, both divided by a great doorway leading from the main hall into the servants’ hall. You enter the kitchen from the servants’ hall, and right above the kitchen door is the front doorbell – in the old days the lady of the house would never have answered the front door, one of the servants would have done so, thus the doorbell in the servants’ hallway. Out by the front door is a great old brass pull which operates the bell.


Apologies for all the exclamation marks. ;)