So there I was, sitting in a cab in the middle of Hobart this morning about 7 am, gazing with some noticeable jaw-drop at the skyscraper cruise ship sitting the other side of the road, when both the cabbie and I went, in unison, “Oh my God!!!”

Sitting on the top deck was a MASSIVE television screen – the size of a football field, I am telling you (well, at least the size of 6 or 7 billboards – it was, truly, massive).

There we were, sitting in our iddle bitty cab at the stop lights, craning our necks, watching tv atop a liner in the middle of Hobart. My mind literally could not process it – I had to ask the cabbie if that was what I thought it was.

I can’t understand why someone wants to go to sea to watch tellie. My lord, what a bunch of brain dead sods we all are if this is what modern life has got to. These liners are full of shopping malls, cinemas, pedicure salons, whatever, and I just wonder “Why?” Why go to sea if all you are doing is … shopping? Getting your nails done? Watching tellie? Even when you are out on deck?

Does no one now want to catch the tea clipper and stand in the prow in a gale and get soaked and heave up and down 30 feet and laugh at the sheer, wonderful joy of life as you cling on for dear life (the crew are always forcing themselves up to me and asking me if I really don’t want to go below decks; I did this on a boat during a gale in the North Sea once and it remains the time of my life)? People want to watch tellie on a rock steady deck that looks like a mall instead??????

Lord heavens, viva la revolution and the coming of the red brick wall against which we can all be stood. Mindlessness reigns supreme.

The one thing I absolutely love about Hobart is that the wharves are right in the heart of the city by the chemist and the deli and the coffee shop and the shopping malls. Literally 4 metres across the road. I mean this morning we had to swerve to avoid the cruise ship. Really. (Search for “constitution dock, hobart”, to have a look on google maps; the big ships dock at the top and bottom of those series of wharves – very, very deep water.)

You’ll never know what you will find there … today it was a cruise liner, but it just might as well have been a US warship or aircraft carrier, a polar icebreaker, or one of the replica big wooden sailing ships. It is always an adventure going into town.

Just before the most recent Iraq war the US navy had bought a number of landing craft from a Tasmanian manufacturer. One day I went into town and the US navy was doing practice invasion landings at constitution dock. No one in town bothered very much. LOL

Recipes coming soon. :)