I bought in most of the onion harvest some 3-5 weeks ago and they have been in storage since. I planted mostly Cream Golds. I planted 120-odd, thinking this would be nowhere near enough.

Well, they grew … and grew … and grew, thriving on complete neglect. I have harvested about 100 of them (the others either bolted too early or wandered off into the neighbours or simply absconded), and they were huge. I mean huge.

At the moment I am slicing and dicing them (thank you so much to the person who invented electric mandolins) and I have got through 10 (hey, they are big!) and those 10 have produced over thirty cups of diced onions. That means 300 cups of diced onions.

Will that be enough for one girl for a year? That is almost 6 cups of onions a week to get through.

I think that’s enough. :)

I won’t dice them all but it is a great way of storing them for ease of use through the year once the fresh ones have been finished.

This weekend I need to get a start on the potatoes – mashing them and freezing them as well.