Tradies have been working through the week, although from the photos there doesn’t appear to have been a huge amount of work done. Mostly the pantry has now been fitted out (although the sparky tells me they will need to take some cupboards out so he can wire!), the wiring all but done (save for that darned pantry), and the plumbing is all in (gas and water). The plasterers have also been back to finish their work, and a joiner/carpenter has been in to architrave out the new pantry door and one of the windows.

The old pantry door, with backs of shelves showing.


Two of the three walls of shelves in the pantry – the boxes contain wicker baskets which will eventually go in those slots.


New door into pantry, all joisted/jambed and architraved out, pantry shelves in.


The old pantry door all plastered up!

If you are interested in seeing the full and evolving series of shots of the kitchen reno, apart from chasing them down here, you *should* be able to see them on this page. (Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.)

This series of photos will also show the temporary kitchen, which is mostly in the central hall of the house – washing facilities and kettle in the laundry. I will be very glad to have a kitchen back.

Garden going well but as I am under the weather I am not able to do much apart from water – friends have been stopping in to do a bit of weeding for which I am very grateful. But very frustrating for me. :(