Oh, wait for it, later today you will be getting some lovely pictures! Suddenly I have an (almost) working kitchen!! :) Come back in 8 hours or so ….. ;)

————— Later —————

First, the garden. I have not been neglecting it, but doing the best I can while under the weather. Thank you so much to Damien who came round last week and helped dig out the remaining two beds of potatoes! Damien – you were amazing, thank you. :)

Dutch Creams in near bed, King Edwards in the far bed. I thought this would be a poor harvest as they’d been left so long, but actually it benefited them, and I’ve grown my largest potatoes ever. Note to self. Leave for an extra month after foliage has died back …


The bean harvest is coming in, too. Picked borlotti beans the other day which have now dried out nicely in the greenhouse (the unexpected bonus of the greenhouse is that it is brilliant for drying the harvest).


And what better place to store the amazing onion harvest but in a spare fireplace! Once I get the kitchen back I will slice many of these and put in the freezer. I have tried drying them in the past but it never seems to work well.


The dehydrator is constantly going drying out tomatoes and zucchini.

Now to the kitchen. Suddenly this past week it has all started to come together and I can finally see how it will eventually look. And it will look good:) The final major job is the painting, also the sparky to actually connect up power (lights, power points, stove), then there are a million smaller jobs. But it is over the worst now. In the past week the cabinets were largely finished off (still need glass doors and shelves, door knobs etc and a few things fixed), the sink is in and plumbed, the Falcon cooker is in (!!I am so excited!!) and the gas hob plumbed in but the sparky still has to connect the electrics. Nonetheless I can cook on the hob, glory be. And I can wash up in the sink. Glory be. Tiles are mostly up but edging and finery needs to be finished.

So yeah, there is still one good week’s work, and then dribs and dribbles over the few weeks after that (fire screen, hanging pot rack, minor adjustments), but I am past the worse.

So, to some piccies!

The mat is just to protect the floor from the tradies’ hob nailed boots, and the trash bins still need their drawer fronts, but you get the idea.


The Falcon cooker all the way from London! I am in love, I kiss it! Many thanks to Karen Brooks for suggesting this. It is made by the Aga company, and has the ambiance of an Aga, but all the modern cons. Gas hob, electric ovens and grill. Perfect combination.


The porcelain Belfast sink all the way from Lancashire (what has happened to my locavore instincts??). It is gorgeous. So much space and the taps actually work. :) The sink has a spazio unit under it which removes all the plumbing from the under-sink space – so I have a huge usable drawer underneath. Brilliant.


Many years ago I bought some gorgeous reproduction William Morris tiles from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I have been hoarding them ever since. Now they have become the feature tiles in the back splash. Finally, they are being used. Here is one featuring rabbits – they all feature animals or birds of some kind.


And, finally, this morning I cooked my first meal in 5 weeks! Poached eggs! They were absolutely wonderful. :)


Finally the saga is drawing to a close.