Finally the kitchen is being rebuilt. Following are some pictures of the cabinets being put in – they are a little further advanced by now, but these pictures give the general idea. Note in the third picture the blind corner shelving unit – I have 3 blind corners and all have swank means to get the goods out without me having to take a packed lunch as I delve into the depths. Everything is trying to be pushed ahead asap so the cats can come home – at the moment that is 2 weeks away as there is so much to do. I miss them horribly. :(


reno 2


Meanwhile in the garden the harvest continues. Most of the onion crop is now in – huge globes of cream golds. The shallot crop is all in – less than huge globes but hundreds of them. I picked the borlotti beans last week and they are now drying off in the greenhouse. I am eating red delicious apples off the tree. The tomatoes are now coming in strongly, and both they and the zucchini crop keep the dehydrator going 24 hours a day.

The sulphur crested have left me no walnut crop. I try to resent them but they are such beautiful and happy birds I just can’t do it.

I am planting winter crops now too – carrots and beetroots are seeded into their beds, young brussel sprouts are growing on strongly, and today I might get in a cauliflower crop. I am still highly restricted in what I can accomplish, but very slowly things are being done.