The kitchen garden is going great guns, even though I have been quite ill these past few weeks and unable to attend it.

The carrot and pea harvests are all in. The brussel sprouts are sprouting and I will be planting out the winter’s crop soon. The fennel is grown huge and hairy. The beets have been feeding me for months, and I will also get some winter crops of that set soon, too. The onions – huge, dinner plate sized cream golds, being harvested now. Also the shallots and the garlic are in. The potatoes – huge crop but I am too sick to get it in which frets at me – so they’ll likely stay in the ground and continue sprouting over winter. *sigh* The beans are doing splendidly, as are the celeraic. Pumpkins and courgettes/zucchini are doing their best. Capsicum are doing well. Apples ripening, but I think I lost the baby peach crop in a heavy, bad wind. Tomatoes are ripening, and I picked my first two yesterday. Yummy. :) Leeks growing on strongly, must plant some more for winter.

Kitchen – builders are supposed to arrive tomorrow, but I have my doubts. Nonetheless I am trying to empty the kitchen. Doing it in tiny amounts as I can’t stay on my feet for very long and no one about to help me. Because I am ill, and because of the kitchen, I am having meals delivered over the next few weeks which I am looking forward to – although I had to buy a (the cheapest I could find) microwave for them! Kitchen has been relocated to central hall of house and the laundry and I will cope as best I can.

Cats have been sent off to cat camp for the next month as building is done (as I hope the building is done!!!). *weeps* I miss them horribly. :(