Well, progress has been made, if only of the demolition kind. Everything stripped out, new door into pantry made (at least opened up), floors rough sanded. A neighbour took the old kitchen for their shack (good luck putting it back together again!), and after I yelled at the builders several times they now (hopefully) KNOW the gas is still connected and it isn’t a good idea to pull the pipe out as it may result in an explosion. To be sure, gas pipe line now has a big BE CAREFUL NOTICE on it. Here are a few snaps of the kitchen as it is now, waiting for plaster work to be done next week, as well the final sanding and polishing of floors. Then, pray God, they can start rebuilding.

It is good not having the cats here although I miss them horribly. At least I don’t have to worry about them escaping, or falling down the holes in the walls and floors the builders have made. A few nights ago one of them, probably Janey who cares and likes to check that I am still alive, visited me via ?astral travel in the middle of the night. I woke up as a cat jumped up on the bed and padded about … I didn’t dare open my eyes for a look … but it was lovely.

kitchenreno01 kitchenreno02 kitchenreno03

The floors have not been sanded in these photos, but they have been now. What a MESS!