My sister has gone and I am sad. :(

But she did help a fair bit with the garden, and one afternoon picked a huge tub of peas which we then spent a couple of companionable hours shelling and freezing away. She also helped me to pot on many of the tomatoes which are flowering now.

The first of the globe artichokes is ready and is cooking away in the pot for my lunch. :)

Otherwise, the potatoes are ready to be eaten as new (which I do) but will leave them for another month at least to get the bigger ones. The beets are ready to be pulled. Yesterday I pulled the garlic and they’re drying out and curing in the greenhouse. I will plait and hang half of them, and the rest I will pickle, which I am looking forward to doing.

A few days ago I pulled the big crop of carrots – some are in the fridge, but mostly I either froze or dehydrated them.

And the season’s fruit is arriving in the organic grocer’s! To my pot of Officer’s Jam (see this entry) there is pineapple, strawberries, and now lots of cherries. I also spent this morning bottling and processing cherries, so now I have ten pots of cherries (OK, so with a bit of whiskey in their sugary solution, you forced me to admit to it ;) ) cooling on the kitchen bench.

The elderflower champagne has been A. Spectacular. Success. Many a tiddly evening was spent with my sister downing the contents!

Otherwise there are lots of greens sitting in the garden to be eaten, and my sister showed me how to wrap balls of blue cheese inside silverbeet (swiss chard), slip inside fillets of chicken, bake, and, ooooooooh, heaven ……

Do you remember the problem order I had with Digger’s? Well, they have been very sweet, apologised for the mixup, and sent me on a lovely book on food gardening, which I really appreciate. I particularly appreciate it because it had a picture of celeriac inside which I could show my sister, who had never seen them before. So thank you, Digger’s, and in particular Lisa.