It is a ghastly hot day here. I have done little but gather in another batch of elderflowers and pop them in the freezer to make more wine from later in the year. I am hoping I will get six or seven batches of flowers to keep me going all year. ;) I also had to pop some champagne yeast into the elderflower champagne this morning as it was not beginning to ferment on its own.

OK, some *sigh* book news. I have just accepted an offer from HarperCollins for worldwide publication of a standalone novel called The Devil’s Diadem, probably published worldwide in May of 2011. This will likely be my final foray into fantasy – I seriously doubt I will ever write another fantasy novel. After this I am off to do something different. As so often happens, when you are faced with a life-threatening situation, your priorities change, and I am afraid that fantasy is part of the ‘out-the-door’ changes. But before I left, I wanted to do that single novel I’d always wanted to write but for various reasons never did.

So this one’s for me.

The Devil’s Diadem is set in 12th century England – well, actually mostly in the wild Welsh Marches at the castle of one of the powerful Marcher Lords. It is a historical fantasy with, when you come to think about it, relatively little fantasy – in the Mists of Avalon tradition, really. The story begins in the Dark Ages, when a mad old monk found his way down to Hell and stole the Devil’s favourite diadem.

Now the Devil wants it back.

I’m looking forward to it. I’ve already begun writing it and am loving it. This one is going to be the fun one. ;)