Busy in the garden today – have taken the nets off the growing bush beans (and will later need to reseed 3 rows of one variety which simply hasn’t come up). Planted out a new lot of leeks, and have heeled in the mature lot (heeled in: dug them up, cut off leaves a couple of inches about the main white part, popped them into a bucket with lots of damp soil and put them in the shade – they’ll last weeks there without bolting – going to seed). Made vegetable soup for lunches for the next week. Ironed (!!). While I don’t mind ironing I almost never get around to it. Am watering and have weeded. After lunch will get back into the garden.

After all this activity I thought I’d change the cat’s litter trays. I emptied the first one into the garden (I used the recycled paper litter as mulch) and guess what I found at the bottom of the tray? Hmmmm? A mummified baby blackbird. No doubt Janey (who is the huntress among the kitties) thought she’d put aside a bit of food for the leaner months of winter. :)