I just picked my first early pea crop – only small, as over the past 10 days or so I have been snacking on peas straight from the pod in the garden. But a goodly amount of nice fat juicy peas now in the freezer.

Years ago I remember reading of one gardener who thought there was no point in growing peas – they took up too much space and they were so cheap in the supermarket. But, oh, the taste of peas straight from the pod. If you’ve never tasted them …

I have lots more peas to go, but I am happy in my first harvest of the year. :)

Potting on: if I am raising from seeds, some vegetables – particularly tomatoes – I will pot on into successively larger pots before they go out into the garden. I like tomatoes to be well grown and strong and with a big strong root ball before I put them out. The tomatoes often go through 3 pottings before they get into the garden. I do this with capsicums and cucumbers, too. Occasionally with other things. Basically plants that have to wait until it is really warm and without any danger of frost.

This year my local plant nursery, happily just down the end of my block, has started pot recycling bins – I can get all my pots for free! It has made it so much easier, not to mention less of an expense. (No, the dead tomatoes were in fresh clean and sterilised pots, not the recycled ones. ;))

The Guinness casserole was a success. When I get time I’ll write out the recipe.