One of those hard to manage, God knows what I will do with, corners. If you’re lucky they’re tucked away in an unseen spot behind the garage/garden shed and no one ever sees them.

Unfortunately mine is right by my front door. Actually, it is a strip of land rather than a corner, about 2 metres wide and about 4 long, that extends from the front gate area up to the steps leading to the front door. It has hard packed, very dry soil which no amount of composting will fix. It gets full sunlight (not generally a problem, but here it contributes to the dry soil). There is a big silver birch to one side which sucks all life out of the soil. It is on a slope, so water tends to run off/drain away very fast. The sandstone lower walls of the house run along one edge, further contributing to the dryness (brick and stone walls act as a wick to moisture in the soil, allowing it to evaporate many times faster as if they hadn’t been there).

I have just been out there weeding it (the weeds thrive!). I am having a glass of lemonade as a reward. I just don’t know what to do with it – I have tried improving the soil. I have tried planting dry- and sun-loving plants there – they have all died. I would just abandon it save that it forms the entrance to the house! The other side of the path is nirvana compared to this barren wasteland (honestly – one side of the front path is lush, thick rainforest greenery, the other side is wasteland).

I wonder if I could carpet it???

Actually … maybe I’ll just have to bite the bullet and have the lot paved (or some such) and just have pots there.

Does anyone know of any weeds that thrive in appalling conditions, that would matt the area, and which would look halfway decent?