Oh, the weather here has been nasty for the past week or so. Very warm, very humid, and with such a high pollen count it is affecting even me.

Of course, the garden loves it. The garlic is just about ready to be picked – early this year. I will braid and hang about half of it, and the other half I think I will pickle for salads and roasts.

The tomatoes – doing brilliantly after their tottery start. I will have to plant some of them out into their final positions as soon as I can.

The potatoes – huge bushes, flowering. They’ll be ready in about 6 weeks, I think.

Everything else is growing on strongly. The forecast is for rain over the next couple of days, so I hope we get it. (It was forecast for last night as well, but naturally never arrived.) I seem to spend most of my life watering now, and it is a relief when enough rain arrives that I can give the watering a miss for a few days – suddenly I have a life back!

The rose that blew down in the storm. That is doing amazingly well. The 25% or so that survived has flowered beautifully – and as for the rest of it, now I have a mass of five foot shoots rising from the broken trunk. It will take about 2 years, and then it will be back to its glory.

Ready to blow down in the next storm!

I keep picking and freezing elderflowers to make wine for later. The batches I have made thus far have been very nice, but they don’t contain enough alcohol. So I need to add more sugar, but that means I will need to keep a close eye on the entire fermenting process.

Apart from that I have been deep down writing and (*sigh*) proof reading the book due out in May, which is why entries have been a little fewer recently.