Over the past week or so I have been moving all the pots of seedlings etc out of the greenhouse and into the top vegie patch where they sit on the wooden edges of the vegetable beds. The greenhouse is getting too warm for them, even covered with shadecloth as it is, plus the greenhouse is now infested with too many insects who love the warmth and the delicious new seedlings emerging.

So the seedlings have taken their first steps into the big, bad outside world.

Some have even been planted out. The brussel sprouts and the fennel are going into their permanent homes two by two, and within a week or two I’ll be planting out the zucchini and the pumpkins.

The weather forecast is for cool and rainy conditions so I am hoping they will harden off without too many casualties. It rained last night and those seedlings who were out just loved it!

A couple of photos – click on them for larger ones.

The three potato beds – the potatoes are doing amazingly well! I fertilized them again today with a liquid organic seaweedy kind of thing – they are just bounding ahead (I really want to grow the BIGGEST spuds I can!). You can see three beds, with the bamboo wigwams of some pea pots between numbers two and three beds. Those are lavendar in the pots growing on before being planted out into the garden.


Here is the bed I dug out yesterday (I think). It will be for beans shortly. You can see how it is ringed with tiny pots – capsicums, chilli, artichokes, corn, cucumbers, pumpkins, whatever. The stakes topped with the little terracotta pots – once I plant the beans I will net off this bed from the blasted blackbirds, so have already put in the net supports.


Corey – thank you so much for the book – I have lost your email!