Today I received (& paid for, so I can pop them up now) some of the 3-D pictures of the kitchen (it is still missing the fireplace wall) so thought I’d pop them up. Click the images for larger versions. Sorry for the quality – they didn’t scan all that well.

First picture shows the kitchen as if we were standing with our backs to the fireplace.


The second is skewed a bit to show the small wall by the door – the cupboard under the bookshelf holds the fridge.


It’s a shame I don’t have the fireplace wall mock-up as that will be totally lovely.

I have three blind corners in this setup – two will have LeMans units in them, the other will have a super lazy susan kind of contraption.

Here is a plan of the kitchen and walk-in pantry – click for big detailed version.


Cost is … horrifying! I’ll have to sell the cats!

The entire design and all the hard work is by Lenka Jankovcova of Find and Design. Thanks Lenka!