I have been scrubbing about in the garden today – one of those days when you think you won’t do much but end up doing a fair bit. I am inside now before I head back out to tackle the final mile.

I weeded the woodland (I am managing to stay ahead this year). The Solomon’s seals are up so I gave them some chook poo, watered them in a bit, and then mulched them with the cat’s litter trays. The manferns are sprouting now – hopefully I will get a good showing this year as they did not lose their leaves over winter.

I weeded out some of the cat’s walkways (always tough).

I emptied four big terracotta pots of their old potting mix and weeds – added mix to the compost bins, weeds to the waste bin. This is a job I’ve been putting off for ages as the pots are so big and difficult to woman-handle, but I got there in the end and am pleased with that.

Have mostly dug out the big vegetable bed that had been growing winter greens – it needs to be composted and manured and planted out with peas and bush beans very soon. I’ve left this a bit too late, but the bed still had a few winter cabbages growing in there and I left them until it was almost too late.

So now I have about 8 big cabbages sitting in my basket.

What can I do with them? Anyone got some super cabbage dishes that require no more than 4 steps? (If you’re talking about rolling things up in the leaves, then unless it is dead simple forget it). I could make sauerkraut but I never eat it – I still have jars of the stuff bubbling evilly away somewhere dark and forgetful.