I’m only going to make this brief and tantalise you. Little did I know how bad things were going to get on Sunday when I posted the last which was probably about 10 am on Sunday morning. Right after I posted that I lost all power.

And then and then only did I think to wander outside and ask the police why they had my house surrounded ….. and no, it wasn’t a car crash! LOL I’ve had a hellish 36 hours, have only just been able to get back to a computer, and now I am going to be super naughty and make you wait for the story. (Part of which, dammit, I won’t be able to tell you for fear of legal action.) The central character is, believe it or not (and you likely won’t, but it is true) Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, may she rest in peace.

I have only just got home. I have to go chill out. I need chocolate. I need alcohol. I need a hot shower.

It is a good story, though. ;) I’ll be back tomorrow with most of the details.

(Greetings to Bronnie – have been thinking about you.)