It is supposed to be raining buckets this evening, so have got in early. Truly, we’ve had a magnificent lot of rain this winter – the trees should do so well.

Yesterday and today I bought the local nursery out of bamboo wigwams for peas. I suddenly noticed they had them, and they were as cheap as chips, so couldn’t resist. The shop owner said he’d get some more in by Wednesday. :) These wigwams are terrific for peas, and so today I have been madly pea planting (Massey peas).

First, this is a shot of some of my free peas from the mulch, with one of the wigwams popped over them for some support.


Here are three pots (or bags) of Massey peas all set up to go. In front you can see one of my new grow bags with handles. Love these to pieces! I am using them all over in places where otherwise I can’t plant, and they are much cheaper and easier to move than pots. You can use them year in, year out.


Here is a view of the back vegie garden – lots of potatoes, leeks, garlic etc. Mt Desperation in the background. This one you can click for a larger view.


Because I now have the grow bags, I’ve decided to grow some sweet potato. I’ve never done this previously so am not too sure how it will go. I bought some sweet spuds from the local shop and have popped them into glasses of water. I know I can plant them direct, but I want to make sure they will root and sprout first. Looks ridiculous, huh? LOL


And of course the flowers are starting in now. Here is the clematis on the eastern veranda – eventually it will cover the entire veranda: glorious.


And some of my favourite flowers, picked for the office: arums. I love these. They are so simple and so elegant.