I ran out of plant labels today. How could I have got through 250 so fast? So I went online to Diggers and bought a thousand more, and while I was there, bought about 20 of their large grow bags … that means I can fit corn in. :)

Today I planted:

Brussel Sprouts:

Long Island Improved. Heirloom dating back to 1890 & the main commercial sprout until the introduction of hybrid varieties. Produces 50-100 sprouts, 3-4cm across, per plant. Compact bush producing over a long period. 80-110 days.


Common Heirloom; native to the Mediterranean. Perennial. Pale green / silvery leaves on medium sized bush. Hardy once established. Culinary and medicinal uses. Attracts bees to the garden.

Zucchini (Courgettes):

Black Beauty: First introduced to the European market in 1930. Dark green, glossy fruit, 15-20cm in length and up to 5cm diameter. Popular variety. Creamy-white flesh. Produces early. Prolific. Good variety either cooked or frozen. 50-63 days. Must remember to pick these 7 days after flowering!

Costata Romanesco: 
Italian heirloom. Delicious, rich, nutty flavoured, pale-green fruit with slight ridges. Popular variety. May be used like regular zucchini, or picked when 15cm long with flowers attached and fried whole. 60-70 days.

Gorgeous sunny day today. :)