I am high on coffee and am hunting out the humour for the day. ;)

Hitler reacts to the news that Oasis has split. Hee hee hee hee. (Warning, Hitler uses some bad language.)


This scene (from the movie “Downfall” I think) has been dubbed an infinite number of times as “Hitler reacts to …” Hitler reacting has become a full time cottage industry.

Thus far Hitler has reacted to the housing crisis, to MJ’s death, to Ursain Bolt winning the 100m at the Berlin Games recently, to the Caster Semanya controversy, to England Winning Back the Ashes (sorry I won’t inflict that one on my Australian readers LOL) and one of my favourites, “Hitler Reacts to Finding Out His Mom Knows How to Text”.


OK, I am off to garden now. :)

No, wait, time for one more cutie. The cat what likes to shower. :)


NOW I am off to garden!


I suppose I can only blame the caffeine.

I went out into the garden with no clear plan. I thought, “I’ll just do whatever I see needs doing”. (Of course, this leaves an awful lot up to chance!) I vaguely thought I might oversee the seedlings … or something gentle.

Instead, I tackled the Hell Patch.

Just by the back gate there is a largish triangular patch of ground that blocks access from the back to the street side of the house. When I first moved here I planted it out with woody shrubs which then decided to take over the world. Coupled with the fact there are some damn damn damn grape vines growing everywhere through this now nightmarish patch, the entire area is a complete disaster. It looks vile, it blocks off wheelbarrow access to the side of the house, it grows out onto the pavement and the Council complains and serves me notices to Do Something … the shrubs are about 2 metres in diameter and two high … a thicket from Hell.

So I decided to take it out. *small laugh* I have been meaning to do this now for 2 years but have never got round to it. Today I thought I’d just do a bit. Make a start, as they say.

I fastened on my favourite pair of goatskin gardening gloves. I gathered together my best spade, my strong loppers, my favourite secateurs, my Ho Mi (good for getting out soil from the base of roots so I can cut them off).

I waded in.

Now, about 5 hours later, I can say that the worst is out! I can’t believe it. I ache all over and tonight will be a wine and painkiller night, but the worst is out.

Five of the biggest shrubs have now been removed, as well as their stumps! These stumps were as thick as my leg (and that’s pretty meaty) so I am thrilled to have got them out.

The grapes have been cut back to the ground and I’ll just have to keep cutting them back and maybe kill them that way (I can’t dig them out).

And I shifted out of the way a huge slab of sandstone (using smaller rocks and my spade as a lever) so that now I have (an albeit bumpy) pathway for the wheelbarrow through. I can even out the soil at my leisure, but oh God the worst is over. There is still lots of grass and smaller shrubs and a sprouting tree stump or two, but again I can deal with those at my leisure. The worst is gone.

Now where are those painkillers? Where is that wine?

And it is roast chicken night tonight. :) I ran out of chicken stock the other day, so this means I need to cook another chook to make more stock.

Ah, life is tough! :)