What a bleak week! For one reason and another (weather being a major factor) I haven’t been able to get out into the garden at all this week and I have really missed the activity. According to the weather forecast the coming week will be bleak, too. *sigh* The baby tomatoes have been moved permanently back into their heat pad … which they don’t really like as much as they should because they don’t get the light there that they would in the greenhouse … but for their own preservation, the heat pad is where they need to be. I’d bring them inside into a nice light spot save that the cats would upend them!

In the meantime I have been stuffing myself with beetroot (or just plain beets for those in the northern hemisphere). I love this vegetable! It is only since I have been growing it that I’ve learned of the myriad ways you can use it. For 40-odd years the only way I ate it was pickled out of a can. But there are so many ways it can be used. Yesterday I had a lunch of cabbage, grated beets and sultanas with a mustard and mayonnaise dressing which was lovely. Then in the afternoon I tried out grating a beetroot into a meatloaf. While tasty it wasn’t an amazing success as it made the meatloaf too moist, but it was an interesting experiment (the pink swirled through the meatloaf like raspberry swirl ice cream!). Then it can be blended into smoothies, used in cakes, and just plain roasted or boiled, both of which are lovely, too. It is one of nature’s superfoods, just packed with amazement: it is a powerful cancer fighting agent, it can drop cholesterol by 30%, it reduces inflammation, its high levels of folate protect against birth defects and has high levels of minerals, vitamins and fibre.

Plus it just tastes damn fantastic. I love watching it grow – there is something primitive about the way those bulbs swell out of the ground.

Ah, damn it, I want to get back into the garden. I am going to try today although it is supposed to be rainy …

Have you been watching the story of the 13 year old Dutch girl who wants to sail solo about the world? Dutch courts have just placed her in temporary guardianship of welfare authorities while they investigate whether or not she should be allowed to do it.

I am troubled by this. I think, along with the courts, that there may be psychological problems for the girl stuck alone for so long (setting aside to one moment all the dangers involved). I am also deeply disturbed by this need to ‘break records’. Where does it stop? Is this the only reason she wants to do it? To ‘break a record’? Gain her five minutes of fame? Be important for a bit? I think the desire to sail about the world solo is wonderful, good luck to her. But that’s not the motive, is it? It is the desperate desire to be the youngest person to do so.That is a meaningless objective. It truly shouldn’t matter to her (or her parents) whether she does this now or at 35. The achievement (rather, the personal satisfaction and experience it would give) is not lessened by age.

Instead, the entire focus seems to be on breaking a record. That is so meaningless, so illusory, so pointless. The only thing lessened by doing it when she is older is the publicity she’d get from it.

As the article says, where does the foolishness stop?

Speaking of foolishness (I really do need to get out!), here is a wonderful advertisement from Russia. No one knows what it says, or what it promotes, but it gives some great tips for hiding in the office. ;)


And, OK, so it is definitely Amusing Video Saturday Day. ;) Here is a Cleveland Fox News affiliate reporter’s story of a sighting of a black bear. This is probably what it looked like. Only real. He he he he he.