Apparently Hobart is the centre for the production of a new meteorological disaster film, Arctic Blast: ice creeps up (or down, I guess, depending on which hemisphere you are in) from the poles to envelop civilization! Hobart freezes! Half our population dies! Meanwhile, heroic hero tries to reconcile with beautiful wife and tragic (I am sure she will be tragic) daughter. :)

See link here. Filming is going on in Tasmania now, no wonder the winter has suddenly returned! (editors note: original link no longer working, substituted another article with the same information.)

I am off to rummage out another blanket …


It has been a cold and wet day. I don’t think it has got above 6 C here (about 40 F), and has often been considerably colder, and it has drizzled all day, with periods of rain. Nonetheless, I have been outside! In the morning I was otherwise occupied with indoor tasks, but in the afternoon I have once again braved the bog garden (what a stupid day to brave it LOL) and weeded out another patch and laid down about 8 bales of hay as mulch (also as a dry walkway through the bog – if I hadn’t used the hay this way I’d have been up to my knees in mud). I am happy as I managed to root out a huge patch of Montbrettia (or Crocosmia). In this garden it is a massive and very invasive weed, and I am constantly battling it. (A neighbour tried to tell me that it was some heirloom freesia, but she wouldn’t know her arse from her nose on a bright day.) I don’t mind it as a flower, but it really is invasive … for example, today I had to take out a rose as well as the Montbrettia had grown all through its root system, and there was no way to save the rose (sad, as it has battled neglect and was actually looking bright and cheerful before I dumped it in the waste bin).

Anyway, some gardening has been done and I feel better for it.

Before hand I did manage to have a lovely warming lunch – chunks of roasted potato, sweet potato, and beetroot, drizzled over with one part olive oil (I used a desert spoon as my measure of one part), one part balsamic vinegar and one teaspoon crushed garlic, and topped with some sunflower seeds and blobs of blue-veined cheese. :) Mostly healthy, only very slightly naughty, and absolutely delicious.

Now I am off to get out of my wet clothes (my bum and lower back is sodden from bending over constantly) and check out the nice bottle of wine in the fridge. The other day I remembered that 2 years ago I’d stored a few racks of wine in the back of the basement, and good God in heaven, they’re still drinkable! :)