Today was spent on the ornamentals. Last night I was contemplating what to do with my spare bit of bog (did that not come out right???) and I decided a few spectacular hydrangeas would be just the ticket. I already have a few in the garden – some that I grew from nicked cuttings I took early one Sunday morning from a house up the street (the owner remarked to me a year or so ago that those hydrangeas looked just like his … they are his LOL) – but they aren’t very colourful, so I nipped down to the local nursery this morning and bought 3 new ones – deep pinks. Blimey, they cost me almost $90! They are large, though … I planted them out in the bog (I know hydrangeas like water, I hope they like thismuch water!), laying out bundles of hay as I went so I could traverse the bog. I did also move a big hydrangea I had in a not so good spot and put it with the new ones. Hopefully they will take spectacularly.

Then I planted out another 15 or so lavenders along their walk and watered them in.

And finally I set seed for about 60 Teddybear Sunflowers. Teddybears are not flat faced sunflowers, but great balls of sunny gold, all fluffy. They should look fantastic. I don’t normally have yellow in my summer garden but couldn’t resist trying these as they are bound to brighten up everyone’s day. They only grow about 50 cm or about 20 inches in height. Later I do also have some more ‘normal’ sunflowers to go in.

So this weekend I am happy. I have got some gardening in, and the front bog garden is being whipped into shape.