After years of keeping an online ‘diary’ I have now braved the world of blog software … so far this morning it has taken me 5 hours to install software … work out how to post … try to install a new theme (it failed miserably!) … consume a cup of coffee and a Snickers bar (desperately needed).

But it all looks like fun and it can only improve from here.

For anyone who has stumbled in here … this site is still very new and still very much under construction as I move all the Nonsuch material away from the previous site where it was hosted, into new templates and onto this site. It will take a while.

And there’s still the mountain of compost I need to shift sitting out by the back door. *sigh*

Well, I finally managed to install a new skin. Which means I will likely now become addicted to trawling the web for interesting new skins! LOL I don’t know what the photograph at the top of the page is of, but it really reminds me very much of some of the bays down the south of Tasmania, toward Bruny Island.

This morning THE fig tree arrived. This fig tree caused me some considerable angst some weeks ago when I ordered it (or was considering ordering it). If you have been following my news on the Sara Douglass site, you will know that last year I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. It has been a massive battle ever since then. It has been harder since I went into remission than when I was first diagnosed. I can’t help but wait for the cancer to come back … it is like living with the knowledge that one day an axe murderer is going to burst in through your bedroom window late at night and, sorry, you’re dead, now.

So I didn’t know whether or not to order the fig tree. It will take 4-5 years to fruit … will I be alive to see that? I didn’t know. It really seemed like tempting fate to order this fig tree. I became so anxious about it I sat at my desk and sobbed for an hour, devastated by the risk of ordering in the damned, damned fig tree.

Finally I decided to order it. Damn the cancer. I’ll order it and dream. So it arrived today (fortunately not to be met with a flood of tears!!!). Now I will need to shoehorn it in somewhere … there isn’t much room … and I’ve ordered two quince trees as well …