The frost descended again yesterday and this morning also. Very, very cold. Even my lovely gas fires are not coping with this.

Yesterday I had an early morning appointment in the city. I decided to walk in.

Bad, bad mistake. The roads were so icy that I almost fell over numerous times – sliding and slipping this way and that. My back and leg muscles are sore this morning from the strain they took. Once I arrived in the city I treated myself to a very large cappuccino before moving on to my appointment – oh lord I needed that heat and caffeine.

These past three mornings have been the first frosts of the year – yesterday nine people were killed on the roads (appalling for our small island population) and I can’t help but think the ice must have been a major factor.

So, note to self, do not venture out on frosty mornings. The very last thing I need now is a broken shoulder or arm or hip.

The sudden cold and frost means I am upping my warm hearty breakfasts and this morning I tucked into a hot steaming bowl of pease pudding (or soup) and bacon. It is made up of soaked and then simmered peas and lentils and pearl barley, spices, oil, and slices of bacon and is totally amazing. I have put up the recipe for it here. You can add the bacon or not as you wish – if you don’t then this is an easy, hot, low-fat, high protein energy breakfast with which to start the day. With the bacon it is not quite so low fat, but still packed full of goodness. It is also quick and easy to make as you put most of the ingredients in a saucepan to soak the night before and only add a bit of oil and the bacon, if you want to, in the morning before simmering for half an hour while you shower and dress and struggle about (as I do LOL).

I generally have enough leftover for lunch and I either have it as is, or I fry up a sausage, cut it into chunks and stir them into the pease pudding.

Also added to the recipe section is my tasty lamb and kale pizza (use spinach if you don’t like kale). This is a gourmet pizza that does not need a tomato base … pizzas minus the tomato bases are wonderful.