My cauliflowers are coming along nicely (unlike my green broccoli, which is growing small heads then bolting into flower), and this morning I thought I’d go out and pick a small head of cauliflower for a nice cheesy cauliflower lunch with my pork sausages.

So I grabbed the secateurs and headed out. I cut back most of the bolting heads of broccoli and picked one tiny head to go with my cauliflower. Then I moved to the other end of the bed and picked my cauliflower head, thinking generous thoughts about how well the cauliflower were doing and ungenerous thoughts about the piddly green broccoli efforts.

Then, just as I was turning, something caught my eye. A flash of dark purple – a wonderful, wonderful colour – deep in the vegie patch. And it wasn’t just a ‘flash’, it was a row of brilliantly coloured, large purple broccoli heads! I swear to God they hadn’t been there last week! What an amazing surprise! So I picked one of those, too – just agog at their colour (this is the first time I have grown them) and so today for lunch I will be having cream and purple cheesy brassica bake with my pork sausages. :)

Here is a photo of my morning’s harvest, but it does nothing to capture the glorious colour of that purple broccoli.


(A later, much embarrassed correction … it wasn’t, um, broccoli. I checked the seed pack and it is actually violet cauliflower. LOL Violet Sicilian cauliflower. OK. So ALL the broccoli is doing really badly and ALL the cauliflowers are doing really brilliantly! It was tasty, too, I steamed both the white and purple cauliflowers for lunch – the purple one goes green when cooked – and had them with a cheese sauce.)

Yesterday I did a big prune of the peach trees. I am a big fan of big pruning. I found a wonderful video on youtube about how to prune peach trees. Naff music, but it is a fantastic guide. Few people bother to prune, and it really should be done. It makes a much stronger and healthier tree, and trust me, you won’t kill the tree. The video can take some time to load, so the direct link is here.