I think the first frost of each year really needs to be celebrated. This morning was the coldest of the year so far, under freezing (unusual for where I am) and when I went out for my early morning walk in the darkness the entire world was rimed with frost – it was so, so beautiful. The air was cold and brilliant, everything so clear; frost lay everywhere in a thick white carpet; ice clung to tendrils and leaves and hung from chain link fencing and frosted over railway lines; light from the full moon rippled over the water.

And the moon itself – that was setting over Mt Wellington as I turned for home – it was a huge shining orb, and it looked as though it was a giant’s illuminated ball set for a moment atop the mountain before the giant resumed his play. It was the most extraordinarily beautiful sight.

Most people stay abed on mornings like this, but you should truly, truly get out.

Of course, I had to get up because my winter onion crop, so important if I am to be self-sufficient next year, lay newly planted in two of the most vulnerable beds. Of course, they were heavy with frost, but I sprinkled water over them and once the sun rose they looked no worse for wear. I need to get some frost fleece but can’t seem to find it.

I finished moving the ‘old diary’ to the ‘new site’ this afternoon. That was actually fairly traumatic, especially reading last year’s entries. It was such an extraordinarily awful time.

Oh well.

(Diane – thank you so much for your email – your message was just what I needed to hear.)

I have put on a new skin. I really hope people can add comments in this one! If you can’t, then please email me and let me know what the problem seems to be (what error messages you get).